Protect yourself
This app is to alert if you have been in close contact with people who has tested positive for COVID-19
Protect our community
By joining Bluezone community, you have got connected to protect the community
Data secured
The app stores data on your own device, not on centralized servers
No location data collection
The app does not collect data on your location
People joining the community will remain anonymous to others. Only competent health authorities are able know the identities of infected people as well as of those who are suspected of infection due to close contact with COVID-19 cases.
The project is open source under GPL 3.0 license. Users of countries around the world are free to learn about system activities at the source code level, and to use, research, modify and share it.
No battery drain
Bluezone uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology so you can turn on Bluetooth all day with about 10% battery life consumption
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For competent anti-epidemic authorities
(in other countries)
Viet Nam has been mentioned as a prominent country which comes up with effective approaches to bring the COVID-19 spread under control. With its population of nearly 100 million and long border with China (country of the first COVID-19 cases), Viet Nam faces very high risk of infection. How did they do in the fight against the pandemic?
How did they do?
Whenever a new case appeared, they thoroughly traced and applied centralized isolation to those who had close contact to the case; requested isolation at home on people who had been in proximity to people suspected of infection. They tested all suspected people and actively treated those infected. With Bluezone, it is easier and more effective to follow such strategy.
Life returns to normal
Once the pandemic shows a sign of decrease, the risk of an outbreak remains, so tight control is still needed. Before the vaccine is available, the appearance of small outbreaks is possible. Applying the above-mentioned measures of Viet Nam with the support of Bluezone app will help the life return to normal.
Bluezone project was rushed out in 3 weeks, so the time to open its source code repository, the time of certificate declaration, and the time of release of different mobile versions are not coincident. We expect users and developers to sympathize, and join hands to find out and get the errors fixed, as well as propose suggestions for improvement.
If you have any comments, find out any software vulnerabilities and operation issues, as well as want to share any suggestions, please post such information directly to the project’s source code repository via Issue, Pull Request or Mailing list to get it publicized to the community.